Tip on Amazon purchases.

First of – hello on my website. I am going to post reviews of things that I buy and use. Unboxing videos/pictures, tips and tricks etc.

Here comes first tip/trick.

How to find good deals on Amazon.

I was wondering some time ago how do I know if something I want to buy is a good deal or not. I was searching for prices on multiple websites and stores to compare them to Amazon ‘deals’. When I was researching it I found this website: www.camelcamelcamel.com . I don’t know how popular this website is or is it known to you but… it is very useful.

What you do is copy an Amazon link to the item you want to buy, paste it on www.camelcamelcamel.com website and it will show you the price history for an item. Now you know if it is a good deal or if it’s better to wait.

You can also set an ‘alert’, and the website will send you an e-mail when the price drops below what you want to pay for it.

No registration is needed and don’t worry, you will not get any spam e-mails, just price drop notification.

Happy shopping!



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